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Failing to Mark

The DRA Council at its meeting on 17th April 2009 reviewed the penalty guidelines in light of the increasing number of ‘failing to mark’ offences being reported to the Disciplinary Committee.

The purpose of the DRA Disciplinary Committee is not only to decide on an appropriate sanction for an offence but more importantly to take action to prevent offences occurring in the first place.

The overwhelming majority of darts players rightly take their marking duties very seriously. The Council takes a serious view of any player wilfully refusing to mark.

This can unnecessarily disrupt the efficient running of a tournament and is unfair on those players who are conscientious in assisting referees and tournament directors.

It is with these factors in mind that the DRA Council has increased the penalty guidelines for the offence of failing to mark (effective for offences committed from 20th April 2009):-

1st Offence - £100

2nd Offence - £200
3rd Offence - £400





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