1. Witnesses called by the DRA will have their reasonable expenses paid in respect of their attendance at the Hearing and at any subsequent appeal.
  2. In the event of a charge or complaint not being upheld by the DRADC the reasonable expenses of the Member or Player and of his or her witnesses will be paid in respect of attendance at the Hearing only. If the charge or complaint is upheld no expenses will be paid either to the Member or Player or to his or her witnesses.
  3. If the matter proceeds to Appeal then the DRA will, at its entire discretion, consider paying the reasonable expenses of the Appellant and of any of his or her witnesses depending on the success or otherwise of the Appeal. These expenses will relate to the attendance of the Appellant and of such witnesses at the Appeal hearing and at any previous hearings.
  4. An Appellant is required to lodge a cash sum (Bond) of Eight Hundred Pounds with the DRA as security for costs at the time of entering his or her Appeal. This sum will be kept in a separate account by the DRA. In the event of the Appeal being completely successful the cash security sum will be repaid to the Appellant otherwise it will be used to offset the costs relating to or arising from the Appeal or its abandonment or otherwise as the DRA in its absolute discretion sees fit.
  5. The DRA will also at any Appeal Hearing at its entire discretion be entitled to order that the Appellant pay the reasonable expenses of witnesses called on behalf of the DRA at the Appeal Hearing and any previous hearings.
  6. In addition to the DRA’s power to vary (including upwards) at any Appeal Hearing any penalties or other sanctions imposed prior to its consideration of matters, the DRA will be entitled to order that the Appellant pay, allowing for any utilisation of the costs security referred to at 4.above, some or all of the costs of and relating to the Appeal Hearing.
  7. If an Appeal is lodged but then subsequently discontinued or abandoned prior to a final determination by the Disciplinary Appeals Committee, then the DRA has power to order that all or a proportion of its costs be paid by the Appellant.

What constitutes reasonable expenses or costs will be entirely at the discretion of the Disciplinary Committee or Disciplinary Appeals Committee of the DRA.

Approved by the Darts Regulation Authority