DRA Registered Agents

The DRA register and maintain a list of Registered Agents.

The definition of an agent is someone who carries out “Agency Activity” on behalf of a Player:

‘Agency Activity’ acting in any way and at any time in the capacity of manager, agent, representative or adviser to a Player, either directly or indirectly, in any aspect of the negotiation, arrangement or execution of any kind of commercial arrangement including any sponsorship arrangement.

Any person who carries out Agency Activity must be registered with the DRA. If a Player uses a person who is not a Registered Agent to carry out Agency Activity they are in breach of Rule 4.1 of the DRA Rules.

The initial registration fee is £500+VAT and the annual renewal fee is £250 inclusive of VAT.

The process to become a Registered Agent is to complete the application form below and follow the guidance.

For applicants to be a Registered Agent who live outside the UK please contact the DRA at info@thedra.co.uk before starting the process.

The DRA Registered Agents Regulations are here.

The application form to become a Registered Agent is here.

The Registered Agents declaration form is here.

The guidance to the process is here.

Registration must be renewed annually by 31st January each year.

The renewal process is explained here

The renewal application can be found here