Failing To Mark

The PDC have taken great strides to ensure that markers are available at floor tournaments. Despite this there is still the requirement for players to mark at some tournaments as directed by the Tournament Director. It is essential for the smooth running of the tournament that players mark as directed, the problem of players failing to mark remains. The DRA have considered this and although the overwhelming majority of darts players take their marking duties very seriously, the minority who do not will face the penalties outlined below.

It is with these factors in mind that the DRA Disciplinary Committee has set the following penalty guidelines for the offence of failing to mark:-

In Players Championship Events

1st Offence – £200

2nd Offence – £400

3rd Offence – £600

In Challenge Tour, Development Tour, PDC Nordic and Baltic and Q School Events

1st Offence – £100

2nd Offence – £200

3rd Offence – £300