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UK Anti-Doping Advice Card 2014 The 2014 UK Anti-Doping advice card is effective 1 January 2014.  The document provides essential information about anti-doping from athlete/player anti-doping responsibilities to providing an overview of the sample-collection process.
 World Anti Doping Agency Prohibited List 2014 The Prohibited List is published every year by the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA).  An updated version is published on UK Anti-Doping’s website every January.
 Global DRO Global DRO Global DRO is a useful online drug reference website which enables athletes and players to check if everyday medications contain prohibited substance(s).
 100 Percent Me 100% Me 100% Me supports athletes and players by providing guidance on key areas of anti-doping such as testing procedures, prohibited substances in sport, the importance of checking medications, anti-doping rules and regulations, along with the overarching values of doping-free sport.
Report Doping in Sport In June 2010, UK Anti-Doping launched REPORT DOPING IN SPORT – a 24-hour confidential phone line to support the fight against doping in sport.Hosted by Crimestoppers, the phone line provides a strictly confidential service to athletes, support personnel and concerned family and friends to securely pass on information to UK Anti-Doping.A confidential form to report information or suspicions about doping is available via Crimestoppers – click here to access the form