DRA Registered Agents

The up to date list of DRA Registered Agents is available here.

DRA Registered Agents Renewal Process

All DRA Registered Agents are required to renew their registration by 31st January 2018. The renewal application form can be found here and the letter to explain the process can be found here.

Jake Marsh appointed as a DRA Director

The DRA are very pleased to announce the appointment of Jake Marsh as a Director. Jake has extensive experience in player education, sports investigations into anti-doping and match-fixing for betting purposes. He has worked with various Sport Governing Bodies and is currently the Head of Integrity for an international sports media and content organisation. He is a welcome addition to the DRA Board and he will become a member of the DRA Disciplinary Committee.

Val Pallister

Val Pallister, who has been a long-time director of the DRA, has stepped down from her role as a director.

Val joined the DRA in 2004 after a long history with the sport. Since 1980 she has been involved with darts both at County and International level. Val was a former Chair of Gloucestershire County Darts Organisation, an England Selector and Director of the British Darts Organisation.

The DRA would like to thank Val for her valuable contribution to the sport of Darts over many years and for the insight and support that she has given me since I became Chairman in 2011. We wish Val, Mike and her family all the best for the future.

Chairmans’ Report 2016

The Chairmans’ Report 2016 can be viewed here.

Managers/Agents Renewal Extension to 31st January 2017

The Agents Registration renewal process is underway and the final date for renewal has been extended until 31st January 2017. Any Agent who has not renewed by that date will have to reapply for registration.

The renewal process is explained here

The renewal application can be found here

Chairmans’ Report 2015

The Chairmans’ Report 2015 can be viewed here.

Managers/Agents Regulations – Update 1st February 2016

The DRA Agents Regulations came into force at midnight 31st January 2016. This means that any person carrying out “Agency Activity” as defined by the Agents Regulations must be registered. Any player using an unregistered agent to carry out such activity will be in breach of the DRA Rules and where applicable, their players contract with the PDC. Any persons carrying out “Agency Activity” on behalf of a player must register with the DRA as soon as possible or the players that they represent may face sanction by the DRA Disciplinary Committee.

“Agency Activity” is defined as: acting in any way and at any time in the capacity of manager, agent, representative or adviser to a Player, either directly or indirectly, in any aspect of the negotiation, arrangement or execution of any kind of commercial arrangement including any sponsorship arrangement.

Manager/Agents Regulations

Update 5th January 2016 – Change of implementation date

Due to the removal of the “Exempted Individual” category it has been decided to change the implementation date of the Agents Regulations to the 31st January 2016.

The final version of the Agents Regulations is available here

The final version of the Agents Declaration form is available here

The application form is available here

The letter with a step by step guide as to how to complete the process is here

 The news archive can be found here.