The challenge for the current Committee is to ensure good governance within Darts. Playing standards, commercial revenues and the reputation of the game are undoubtedly in the ascendancy. Professional Darts has never been more popular. It is the responsibility of the DRA to protect and enhance that position both within Darts and outside. Through management of the drug testing programme, review of DRA rules, disciplinary hearings and its many other functions the DRA is committed to protect that good name for the sake of everyone involved in Darts; players, officials, sponsors, media, fans and spectators alike.

The DRA Board of Directors

Chair   Nigel Mawer QPM
Vice-Chair  Tim Ollerenshaw
Directors  Mike Titmus
Ritchie Gardner
 Jake Marsh

The DRA Board of Directors meets quarterly.

The DRA Disciplinary Committee

Chair Nigel Mawer QPM
Committee Members Ritchie Gardner
 Jake Marsh

Where possible hearings will take place on the same day as Board meetings. The DRA Disciplinary Committee are keen to speed up the process of discipline and where there is an allegation of the breach of the DRA rules, once the necessary facts have been established the player or member will have 14 days to respond, shortly after which the DRA Disciplinary Committee will hold a hearing to deal with the allegation.

The DRA Disciplinary Appeal Hearings

These will be chaired by Tim Ollerenshaw sitting alone or with one or two independent people not directly associated with the Board of the DRA.