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It is with great sadness that I have to report that Mike passed away on

20th January 2024.


Mike's main career was in the Brewing Industry where he spent 38 years

finishing up as the Managing Director Carlsberg-Tetley South, where he was

based at the famous Romford Brewery.


Throughout this career Mike dealt with many hundreds of clubs and pubs

that had dartboards and became interested in the value of darts as a

sponsorship vehicle for the company's brands.


He had a true passion for Darts and in 2000, he became Chairman of the Professional Darts Corporation. He led the restructuring of the company at a key time in its history that led to the appointment of Barry Hearn as Chairman in August 2001.


He helped shape the future of Darts and in 2002 he was appointed as the first Chairman of the Darts Regulation Authority (DRA) where started the work to protect the sport’s integrity. He later returned to the DRA as a Director where his knowledge of the sport and the people involved, past and present was invaluable to the DRA. He broadened the role of the organisation and developed the affiliation of other darts organisations from all over the world to the DRA.  This has led to the DRA becoming a truly international sports regulatory body.


Mike stepped down as a Director in February 2021 and stayed on as Company secretary. He continued to regularly attend Darts events on behalf of the DRA and was well respected by all involved in Darts. He stayed in post until he stood down at the end of November 2023.


On a personal note, I have worked with Mike since I took over as Chairman of the DRA in February 2012 where I was fortunate to have him working alongside me. He was always positive and cheerful. He was good company and a sage advisor to me as he knew the sport inside and out. He had a true passion for Darts and was very happy to see its growth to become such a popular sport. I will miss him.



Nigel Mawer QPM

DRA Chairman


Darts Regulation Authority Statement on Player Suspensions

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A multi-year agreement has been struck between the two organisations


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