The DRA consider that it is essential to maintain the integrity of the sport and to this end work closely with the Gambling Commission and betting operators to monitor betting activity on matches. Where there are suspicious or unusual betting patterns in relation to a match the DRA will be notified before the match is played.

The DRA works in partnership with Quest who provide an Integrity Unit and confidential contact lines. The Integrity Unit will assess and analyse information received on a confidential basis, reporting to the DRA Disciplinary Committee chair any matters that it considers may require further investigation and regulatory action.

The DRA welcomes any information relating to corruption in Darts including information on match fixing, gambling in Darts by participating players, or any other information relating to attempts by potential corruptors to compromise the players or match officials in any manner. Such information can be passed to the Integrity Unit either through a confidential email: or on the Darts Hotline: 020 7034 3402.

The identity of any person sharing information will be kept strictly confidential and will not be revealed to anyone outside of the DRA without the specific permission of the person providing the information.