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October 27, 2020

On 1st May 2020 the DRA were informed by the International Betting Integrity Association (IBIA) of suspicious betting on a Darts match that had been played on 30th April 2020 between Kyle McKinstry and David Evans in the Modus A Night at the Darts series. This was an event regulated by the DRA, unconnected with the PDC. McKinstry lost the match 5-0. On 2nd May 2020 the IBIA reported further suspicious betting activity on McKinstry’s match with Wessel Nijman that was played on 2nd May 2020. The DRA launched an investigation working closely with Sportradar Integrity Services, the Gambling Commission Sports Betting Intelligence Unit, Malta Gaming Authority, Gibraltar Gambling Regulator and betting operators.  

On 17th October 2020 at a hearing of the DRA Disciplinary Committee McKinstry admitted fixing his match with David Evans but denied fixing an aspect of his match with Wessel Nijman on 2nd May 2020 and of failing to cooperate with the DRA by not producing his itemised phone billing as required. Today the Committee has released its finding and found all three of the charges against McKinstry proven.


The Disciplinary Committee will reconvene at a later date to decide on sanction. McKinstry remains suspended until the case is concluded.


The DRA Rules extract:

4.5 Each Player or Registered Agent shall co-operate with the DRA in any investigation carried out by or on behalf of the DRA under the provisions of these Rules including (but not limited to): 


4.5.5 Providing the DRA with access to all records relating to the alleged breach. This includes, but is not limited to; betting accounts, bank records, telephone records, internet service records, social media accounts, email and other records stored on phones, tablets, electronic devices, computer hard drives or otherwise. To facilitate this, the Player or Registered Agent will surrender any such devices for examination by the DRA or its representative.


DRA Betting Rules extract:

2. Betting misconduct

2.1. It shall be a breach of these Rules for a Participant to do any of the following:


2.1.2. Corruption:

(i)  to fix or contrive, or to be a party to any effort to fix or contrive, the result, score, progress, conduct or any other aspect of the Darts Event;

2.1.3. Misuse of inside information:

(i) to use for betting purposes, or to provide to any other person for such purposes, any information relating to the Darts Event that the Participant possesses by virtue of their position within the sport and that is not in the public domain or readily accessible by the public;


The full DRA Rules can be viewed at here

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