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Players may be concerned that if you have been prescribed medication for a medical condition it may affect your ability to participate in a Darts Event. Many prescribed drugs will not prevent you from competing, but some may. The key point is to contact the DRA at the Council’s registered address or E-mail or Tim Ollerenshaw (, or Monika Krtenova (, at the earliest opportunity so that you can compete without risk of failing a Drugs Test. He/she will provide assistance and support in how you should deal with matters. In urgent situations if you cannot contact him then you may contact UK Anti-Doping directly: 

Please note that it is an individual’s responsibility to ensure that he or she is safe to compete. The thrust of regulation and education is personal liability. If you are unsure about how a drug may affect your ability to compete fairly, seek advice before you start taking the relevant medication. The DRA is available to help and to maximise the chances of players being able to compete in events, not the other way round.

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